Sunshine Baseball League - 2017

July 5 - August 31, 2016 

Age as of July 1, 2016


Ages: 6 - 8      


6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Ability Field


Ages: 9 - 10    

Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays

Weekdays: 5:45 PM - Dark & Saturday Games: 8:30 AM | 11:00 AM  |  1:30 PM  |  4:00 PM

Griffith Stadium


Ages: 11 - 13 

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Weeknights: 5:45 PM - Dark & Saturday Games: 8:30 AM  |  11:00 AM  |  1:30 PM  |  4:00 PM

*Age as of July 7, 2016







Engineering for Kids Camps

Ages: 7-14

Cost: $ 165.00 / Camp – Scholarships Available

Registration at Engineering for Kids Website


July 25th - July 29th @ Sunshine Ballpark:



3-D Printing: Minecraft Creations 

3-D printing and Minecraft both represent boundless opportunity for creating even our wildest of ideas! In 3-D Printing: Minecraft, students will explore the basic concepts of 3-D printing and computer-aided design, or CAD, to bring their most awesome Minecraft creation to life! Students will take their Minecraft design out of the world of Minecraft and learn how to extrude it into a 3-D model that can then be modified to be printed in 3-D



Agent of Change: Superheroes have amazing powers and limitless energy…what about the rest of us? Can we use wind and water to produce electricity? How can we harness power to help others? These questions and more are explored as students team up to create their own lab and investigate energy sources and harnesses power. Be an Agent of Change and learn to capture wind and create light.


August 22nd-August 26th @ Sunshine Ballpark:



Electronic Game Design: Pong - Under the Seal: Video games are everywhere!

Who would not want to be able to build their own? In this class, we will create our own version of the classic video game, Pong, but with a twist: it take place under the sea! We will use the Engineering Design Process to create a storyboard that will outline the rules of play and characters for our game. Then, we will use Clickteam Fusion 2.5® to bring our storyboard to life with programming. At the end of the program, everyone takes home a working Windows-compatible game (Clickteam Fusion 2.5® does not support Mac or Android operating systems).


1:00PM-4:00PM  - MinecraftEDU: Traveling into the future

Join us in an apocalyptic future, one where the earth has been ravaged by a series of natural disasters.

Each day, students rely on the engineering design process to solve a series of challenges such as building a city on a series of islands, escaping from a bunker on Mt. Everest, and even building a rocket to land on the moon! Through application of engineering principles, students solve numerous challenges as they make their virtual world of Minecraft a safe place for humanity once again.

City of Fredericksburg – Badges for Baseball

Ages: 6-14

Monday – Friday

June 19th thru June 23th

9:00 AM – 12:30PM



Stafford County – Badges for Baseball

Monday – Friday

June 26th thru June 30th

9:00 AM – 1:00PM

Registration – Contact Stafford Junction, 540-368-0081


Spotsylvania County – Badges for Baseball

Monday – Friday

July 10th – July 14th

9:00 AM – 1:00PM

Registration – Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Department 540-507-7200



Sunshine Baseball League

July - September 2017 


For information please contact Mike Zitz 540-846-5163  or Ken Rigby 571-264-0136


1200 Wicklow Dr, Fredericksburg, VA


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